As this project captures the gratitude of Luxembourgers and Americans, we would like to express our own gratitude to the many organizations and individuals who have assisted us throughout this project.

Luxembourg American Cultural Society, for its continued support and interest.

American War Memorials Overseas, Inc., for allowing us to use their data and images as necessary.

U.S. Veterans Friends, Luxembourg, for its mission to honor American GIs in Luxembourg. We would like to especially thank the individuals who helped us throughout this project for their incredible generosity and for sending us their publication Mir Soe Merci! A Grateful Nation Remembers!

Cercle d’études sur la Bataille des Ardennes (CEBA), for its continued efforts to preserve the memory of the Battle of the Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge).

The Ghost Army Legacy Project, for use of its images and information.

Traces of War, for serving as a starting point for locating other markers and memorials.

Battle of the Bulge Association, for continuing to support and honor veterans and for preserving their memories.

Personal Thanks To:

Northeastern University Digital Scholarship Group, especially Dr. Julia Flanders, Dr. Moya Bailey, and Bahare Sanaie-Movahed for their expertise and guidance.

Our talented colleagues in the Northeastern University Digital Humanities Certificate Program

Northeastern University History Department, especially Dr. Marty Blatt and Dr. Cameron Blevins for their valued feedback.

Mark and Kathy Woods, for taking us on the trip that started this journey and helping us every step along the way.

Charlie Wolf, for allowing us to use his images.

Graphic Designer: Lauren Bergnes

Assistant Editors: Melissa Fitzpatrick, Stephanie O’Sullivan, and Jennifer Vosters

Finally, this project would not exist if it were not for the American soldiers who bravely fought in Luxembourg during World War II and for the Luxembourgers who preserved their stories and continue to honor the memories that have eternally tied our two countries together.