American and Luxembourgish World War II Memory on Luxembourg’s Landscape

Remembering the Stories. Seeing the Impact.

From Grateful Friends explores public memory, the ways in which a collective group remembers its past. This project’s central focus is a prototype of a map that shows the physical forms of public memory (memorials, markers, museums, and a cemetery) of World War II in Luxembourg. Luxembourgers and Americans have worked to record and preserve the stories of their shared history from this time, with their mutual feelings of gratitude still present today.

A work in progress, the map will continue to grow with the addition of new stories and sites of memory. The map is joined by other tools visitors may explore: a historical timeline, blog, and resources. Through these elements, From Grateful Friends celebrates the coming together of two countries in war and reminds us of the richness of international friendship and camaraderie.

We hope From Grateful Friends will serve as a place to remember these remarkable stories and see the lasting friendship between these two countries.